Introducing I.G.L.O.O

Italian Global Lessons Online Oxfordshire

The contemporary way to grasp Italian, all from the comfort and safety of your own home. I.G.L.O.O is an interactive virtual course for learning Italian, every week for eight weeks - designed to be collaborative, informative, and good fun!

I.G.L.O.O will utilise ZOOM video communications software, to allow everyone to seamlessly communicate and build their Italian- from anywhere on the globe!

To enhance participants' learning outside of lessons, online resources have been set up for you to boost your Italian. On the go or whenever you wish.







What is  I.G.L.O.O ?

Our exclusive concept - a new way to learn Italian safely in Autumn 2020.

The class arrives together online in the 'IGLOO'- the virtual space for learning every week for 8 weeks.

We greet each other, make new friends and talk as much as we can in Italian!

It's global, because anyone in the world can join us. Its lessons – we arrive and complete homework each week -just like in lesson! We improve and can see the difference in our Italian.


Through the virtual facilities of Zoom teaching, we can read from the whiteboard, watch videos and powerpoints together and converse. We go into ‘breakout’ rooms and discuss in pairs – just like in the classroom. The teacher writes words for you to learn in ‘chat’  and we can recall and watch lessons, or parts of lessons. It's I.G.L.O.O learning - safe and great fun.