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Participants at the Cotswold Italian Experience come from all over the UK. Here is a selection of what they said:

“A brilliantly planned, really well structured and executed day. Fantastic teaching and really enjoyable. Highly recommend.” 

“Very enjoyable”

“It was a great day thank you”

“Very good- teaching and venue, especially the grammar revision and vocabulary”

“Varied,enjoyable and friendly. Relaxed but professional at same time. Highly recommended”

"Well organised…great teacher…always very useful to revise and immerse for a few hours ! would recommend.”

 “A very well- planned day, with enough depth per topic, and a good variety of subjects, ranging from refreshers, intensive grammar, new points of learning and general interest, finishing with the video and discussion about Matera. Bravissima!”

“A very enjoyable day. The variety of activities held my attention and consolidated my learning. Alessandra is an excellent teacher- full of enthusiasm and energy. The class was interactive and a helpful mixture of listening, speaking, reading and writing. Participation was encouraged in a sensitive way. New material was presented in a clear, interesting and fun way. Grazie mille!"

“A very enjoyable day, stretching but not overwhelming. A diverse array of subject matter that kept me interested and engaged. Well done!"

"Place and content was perfect for my level. I learnt a great deal today & had fun !"

"Well prepared, well thought -out, a lot of material covered"

"Good pace, good humour and good facilities..good fun"

"I was dreading it, but it turned out to be friendly, informative and, above all, motivational !"

"An excellent introduction to Italian in a fun learning environment"

"A great way to be introduced to Italian -highly recommend"

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