Fun, interactive Italian Experience mornings and new 8 week courses in a friendly, informal atmosphere, online and in small groups.

"Fantastic teaching & really enjoyable-highly recommend " - Participant Experience Day

Image by Kamil Pitonak

Italian courses and intensive mornings 

 featuring I.G.L.O.O Zoom tuition!

New Autumn Season 2020:
05.09.20_Upper Intermediate_Intensive one off workshop
08.09.20_Beginners Course (8 weeks)
09.09.20_Post Beginners Course (8 weeks)
09.09.20_Upper Intermediate Course (8 weeks)
10.10.2020_Intermediate_Intensive one off workshop

"The online I.G.L.O.O zoom courses and workshops are lively, energetic and full of passion for the language and culture of Italy.
Innovative and combining the best bits from classroom teaching into a safe learning place - full of interaction, conversation and laughter!
A doctor of languages, I have over 24 years of teaching experience and I am proud to be a member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists."

A typical Italian Experience workshop or course includes breakout pairs conversation, listening to authentic material, vocabulary enrichment, focus on grammatical topics according to your level and of course the culture of Italy.  It gives you the opportunity to make new friends with a common love of Italy- and extends your language knowledge.

Booking your Experience morning is easy -  look at the full site from menu above  - and then contact us for  extra information or to book!